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Alba: a wildlife adventure – game experience review

Alba tells a story of a girl that really cares about wildlife. We helped sick animals because of pesticides. We helped a dolphin free from strangling waste. We helped to clean the island as well and to increase the value of wildlife conservation. It’s a game suitable for anyone who wants to find something easy, self-paced, and wholesome. I finished the game within 3 and a half hours but left a few animals unidentified.

Here are some of my thoughts that arose in the gameplay. I elaborated on some of them to make it more sense to readers (including future me).

  • A heartwarming game. It really piques my curiosity and felt explorative. I really enjoy walking to every corner of the island to see everything and to identify all species living there.
  • I often wonder what kind of domestic animals, especially birds, live around me and Alba fulfills my curiosity feeling (or letting me know how it feels). I’m thinking of making a bird feeder lately.
  • The animal design is amazingly balanced between cute and realistic in my opinion. I’m not familiar with European or North American animals but when I’m looking for them on the internet, I can recognize the real animal right away.
  • During the game, I play with myself guessing what is the name of the identified animal. It is really hard to distinguish the family of tit birds.
  • They also program animal behavior pretty well. They seem alive.
  • I really like the music of alba. It relaxes me. (link to Spotify album)
  • They let us save these cute pictures of the animals (see below).