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Mixes of daydreams, thought, and life’s record

me when sunset

me: enjoying the sunset. admiring the view without making any excessive sound or movement. also…

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Hi, I’m Julivius.

Sometimes I write,
sometimes I read,
sometimes I ask.

Just like a boy.

Quick Summary About Julivius

I am currently working as a research and consulting staff in WISE – WASH in Southeast Asia. There, I helped with a few research, grant proposal writing, consulting assignments, intern supervision, and serious games development. I graduated with MSc in Engineering and Policy Analysis at TU Delft in 2021. My thesis was about sanitation governance in Indonesia. Additionally, I took a serious interest in serious game design during my study. Including my bachelor’s background in environmental engineering, you could say that I accidentally become experienced in WASH, policy analysis, serious games, and solid waste management.

Besides that, I have a good enough understanding related to the environment and climate crisis. I love to read books, including manga, draw pixel art and static typography, and observe the sky. I love to humble myself by trying out a new hobby and naturally find out that I suck at it.

Contact Me

Hey there! Thanks for dropping in. I hope it’s worth the time. You’re welcome to say hi or to ask informal questions on my Twitter or Instagram.
I don’t have any formal way to contact me yet. Working on it.

No, I don’t answer telepathy, message in a bottle, or crop circle.