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Mixes of daydreams, thought, and life’s record

Hi, I’m Julivius.

Sometimes I write,
sometimes I read,
sometimes I ask.

Just like a boy.

Quick Summary About Julivius

I am an MSc fresh graduate in Engineering and Policy Analysis at TU Delft. After graduated from environmental engineering at ITB in 2017, I did several freelance works before entering the EPA program in 2019. Since then, I have had various interests and one of them is serious gaming. I then took specialization in serious games in the EPA program. Interest in serious gaming does not discourage me from having much interest. In fact, being able to connect various fields bring me joy. At the moment, I’m aspiring to be a game narrative designer.

Contact Me

Hey there! Thanks for dropping in. I hope it’s worth the time. You’re welcome to say hi or to ask informal questions on my Twitter or Instagram.
I don’t have any formal way to contact me yet. Working on it.

No, I don’t answer telepathy, message in a bottle, or crop circle.