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Am I A Good Boy? – Short Story

“Am I a good boy, Ariel?” Everything’s so white here. Also a bit fluffy. Even the bench is fluffy.
“Indeed, my friend. You are really kind.” He patted me.
“I am?” I couldn’t help it but wiggle my tail.
“Yes, do you want to see how is Jovi doing right now?”
“Sure. He has taken care of me for a long time.”
He stood up and walked into the edge. Come here, he hinted me.

He pointed somewhere far away but it suddenly clear when I reached the edge. Ah, there he is. Jovi still hanged my collar in the front door. What a sweet guy he is.

“Are you ready to come with me?” Ariel stopped me from leaping over.
“Can I see him again later?”
“No, but I’m pretty sure that he’s well now and then.”

“Alright, I hope you have a fried chicken like my favourite. Jovi often gives me his, especially when he knew his fiance coming home.” I followed Ariel to a gate.
“Anything you want my friend. You’ll meet a lot of friends there. Good friends. Still, please be mindful when you’re talking about your owner, it’s not everyone fortunate enough raised by a kind owner. Some of them survived by living in the street.”
“Note that, Ariel.”
“Here’s the gate.” The gate’s opened automatically just like Jovi’s. It’s funny however that there is no wall beside the gate.

“Can I send some message to Jovi?” I hesitated.
“Do you know that human cannot understand your language?”
“Yes, I’m fully aware. I don’t mind with it.”

“You can bark to that mailbox over there. We will send him the message when he’s asleep.” Is there any mailbox before.
“Thank you very much.” I bow my head as I cannot shake hands with Ariel.

“It’s my honour to see a good relationship between dog and human such as you and Jovi.” Ariel spanned his wing and floated a bit.
“He taught me well,” I argued.
“You’re a good learner too, I suppose.”
“Maybe you’re right.” I sniffed and licked Ariel’s hand.

I approached the mailbox and looked at Ariel just to make sure that it’s the right place. It’s not there is many mailboxes though. He nodded at me confirming that I’m standing in the right place. I bite the handle and opened it.

Hey Jovi, thank you for everything. I hope you’re well and healthy. Anyway, Ann is a kind woman. I wished both of you a long-lasting and sweet relationship.

“Is anything wrong, honey?” Ann surprised seeing I’m gasped with tears in my eyes.
“I just had a dream about Arthur,” I told her.
“It’s been two years since he’s gone.” She looked worried.
“I felt like he said goodbye to me. Departed for sure.” Tears ran down my cheeks.
“Well, he’s been with you even longer than me.” Ann pulled and hugged me. Calmed me down.