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Character’s Secret – Short Story

“Hey, richard.” Pool called. Did he just call my name without a capital letter, Richard thought to himself. “What’s up?” Fist bumped. Hand shook. Pinky promise. Dap. Salute.

“Do you want to watch… a movie this Saturday?” Pool asked. The pause made the invitation sounds unsure rather than a question.

“Lemme see.” Richard pulled his phone and opened up his calendar. “Usual time?” “Uh-huh.” Pool nodded. “Sure.” Richard agreed without asking any further details.

“Cool!” The exclamation mark did not really match up with his flat expression. “Are you okay?” Richard really hoped Pool is literally fine. “Yeah…” Pool didn’t sound sure about his own state. “Life’s happened, richard.” Again, I wonder why he called me without a capital letter.

I’m curious and I do think the reader is also curious. I shouldn’t budge into people’s life though especially the life of a close friend. If this story needed its climax, then we might have to get a story from Pool. I think it would do just fine without climax this time. I know that I would disappoint the reader. It’s always fun to stick our nose to a story. Dramatic story. Let me respect Pool’s privacy for this time. If he doesn’t want to let me know or others informed about it, I’ll let him.

“Pool.” Richard made sure that Pool’s soul hasn’t left his body. “Yup?” He turned his gaze from the squirrels to me.

“Let’s have lunch together. At Mason’s. My treat.”

“Are you done with your monologue? No, the dialogue with… the writer? Is that how you call it?”

“We’re still on it.” Richard scratched his head despite it’s not itchy at all. Pool’s mouth just circled without making any sounds.

“No worry, as soon as we move from here. The story will end there.” Richard tried to convince Pool before he changed his mind.

“Promise?” Pool tilted his head. “Pinky promise.” Richard and Pool hooked their pinky fingers and meet their thumbs.

“Let’s go! What are we waiting for?” Pool left the stage first while Richard still standing there.

I guess he’s just nervous for being cast here. He doesn’t even know not that many people read this story. “Hey, stop talking to the writer and stop being crazy.” Pool returned and pulled Richard out of the stage too.

Photo by Barry Weatherall on Unsplash