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How is your day? – Short Story

“Hey, how is your day?” Jake, the new classmate, asked me.

I’m awake. Refreshed. Had a good cup of tea. Admired how the sun just peek right over the roof of the building across my house. The birds are flying on the schedule. Too much unnecessary details.

I lost my pen. If it does not matter to you, why does it have to be important to him to know that fact.

I’m alive. Thanks for asking. I don’t think it’s a proper way to answer. Yes brain, we should be grateful of every brand new day but it’s not the right moment.

How do you define a day? Is it starting from I woke up or 00.00 o’clock? I don’t remember quarter of it when I’m still in the slumber. I also do not have any idea for the following 8 hours from now. I’m not an oracle after all. I bet that he would not talk to you anymore after this.

We’ve been alive for the last 16 hours as far as I can tell. Geez… We manage to join two bad ideas. This is even worse.

I feel bad for slaughtering all the bacteria on my plate when I washed the dishes this morning. It’s a risky one but a bit better. He would not talk to you if he is not a science geek.

“I’m fine. Thank you. How about yourself?” I decide to use the safest one for now.

“Do you mean fine as nothing is worse or something is better? Do you mean you had a fine day or you are feeling fine despite the day itself?” Woah… what did he just say?

“Sorry, shouldn’t have said that. Bet you had work to do.” It’s totally fine, we can be best friends from now. If I’m going to give you a score, I will give you a score of 110 out of 100.

“No, I’m just taken aback by how interesting your question is. Please have a seat here and let’s chat.”

Photo by Anna Vander Stel on Unsplash