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Left Alone on Earth – Short Story

“Hi everyone, I’m Adam. Last man on earth. Everyone left the planet a year ago. It’s getting harder and harder to inhabit the earth. I hope my comrades are safe. For another living being who listen to this, please respond or come to this wave source.” Clicked. How many days do I have to repeat until I get a response from others? I wonder if there exists any planet to stay like the Earth or any living extraterrestrial being. Heck, do alien even understand English?

“We found four potential planets to inhabit,” my sister, an astronomer, claimed. At least she’s optimistic and I never saw all countries joined forces. Although it’s not going that smooth, I saw the result and the resolution of each country. It was not that much, to begin with. We’ve left with 20 countries and 20 million people in total living the Earth surface.

Long story short, I was chosen to operate the beacon while sixteen rockets launched into space and went into four planets target. “Never put all of the eggs in one basket,” they said. I was left in case they found a solution on how to restore the earth or met other beings that might be able to help us. My role was to give waves over and over so they can pinpoint Earth easily. I was one of the candidates because of my superior resilient genes. Still, if alien found me first and I found out that they had violent characters, then I guess I will be the first human victim.

Image by Mariusz Prusaczyk from Pixabay