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Living in the Wild – Short Story

I often wonder how does it feel to live in the wild. You know, those green grasses, trees, mud, and all those dirt. Hercules said that he’s satisfied with this current state. No need to worry about foods. We got to be massaged from time to time. I guess he’s right but that doesn’t mean my curiosity is gone.

Mom once told me that our ancestor lives out there. Surviving day by day. Isn’t it more challenging and fun? You don’t have the luxury to rest whenever or wherever you want.

We can lay down almost everywhere that everywhere is actually three meters times four meters area, I guess. Sometimes it gets cold. Hercules claimed that he filed a complaint about that since last winter but nothing’s changed. I wonder how he can feel cold with so many layers of fats. Also, how he managed to remember his action last winter. He couldn’t even recall where are we yesterday which just five meters away.

Darker skin compared to our bright pink colour and more hair. A pair of tusk on the mouth. To fight the predator, mom said. To look badass, I imagined. I’m glad that we don’t have tusks anymore. It would get stuck everywhere and will look lame when it happen. Although, I would love to be able to run 24 kilometres instead of 17 kilometres per hour. I’m aware that it’s useless here but you never know when you need to run.

The two feet animal came around with a bigger moving container this time. Hercules, we will go on a trip again. WooHoo~ Everybody is even onboard today.

Uh-oh, it doesn’t look good. I hope heaven will choose me.

Photo by Christopher Carson on Unsplash