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Once upon a droplet #1 – Flash fiction

Sigh… I’ve been seeing this blue ice upside down pile again and again. Well, they never leave my sight. The blue ice is always on my left side and the dark blue sea on the right side. There are seals, penguins, algae, jellyfish, and many more creatures passing by from time to time but the ice is always there.

“Hey Watari, are you really from somewhere else?” I asked Watari who has been adjacent to me for who knows how long.

“Yeah, why?” Watari seems still enjoying the place. Watari especially having fun talking with Vann, one of the ice, that we met periodically even though the conversation always fell short. By the time Vann replied hi, we were out of sight already.

I explained to Watari that I am curious how other places look like. Can we go there and how do we go there if we can.

“Just go to the outer place and then follow the current,” Watari said. Outer place? Current? What is he talking about? The ‘outer place’ is when we couldn’t hear anything from the other side, he explained. Not because there is nothing but because the current flow is different. We will be heading in a different direction and so the ice would be on my right side of view. That’s weird. I think I will stay for a little longer and see if Watari’s explanation is true. I wonder how can I assess Watari’s truth, though.

“Hey, where is Vann? It’s been a while we haven’t seen ’em,” Watari seems shocked that they couldn’t exchange any hi again. He is right anyway. We should have passed Vann already… at least once!

“Let’s go. I’ll lead the way.” Watari decided to leave and directly scan the ‘outer places’. He does not ask me about leaving with him and just pulled me along when he glides into the outer place.

There is a moment when I cannot listen to anything on my right side. “Brace yourself,” Watari shortly tell me before we changed our current. Just like he said, the ice is now on my right… and also smaller. I think we increase our distance.

“Where do you plan to go?” Everywhere now is dark blue except above us.

“Australia. The Great Barrier Reef. We will be much slower there and have a more relaxing life.” he casually declares the name as if I know the place.

Photo originally by Cassie Matias on Unsplash