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The sky was blue – Flash Fiction

Previously published on ongoingboy (my blog)

Photo by Call Me Fred on Unsplash

“Dad, is it true the sky was blue?” Richard asked me when I put him on my lap.


“I thought it’s only a dream.” He replied.

“It is in the past but they’ve learned now.”

“Who learn?” Emily barged in.

“They who don’t care about the environment at all.” I looked across my window at the brown smog outside the dome.

It was a bright blue sky when you see it at noon. A sun that looks like a fireball beam at us. We would notice if it’s cloudy because there will be a huge shade. We will use a wide hat or umbrella if the sunbeam is too intense. The sunrise and sunset is a good time to spend with your romantic partner. I often see a sunset with your mother back then. Mommy will get sunburn from being too long under the sunlight.

They’ve just realized how the plain blue sky could be important now.

“It’s okay daddy. You’ve done your best.” Both Richard and Emily hugged me as they know that I’m feeling guilty towards them.

“You still grow an orchid and some of my friends never know what an orchid is.” Emily smiled at me.

“Yeah, even Bob never see a flower.” Richard looked so proud of it.

“Do you think they’ll follow your path?” Jane overheard our conversation.

“Given the fact that both of us work in environment advocation. There will be a high chance.”

“Dinner’s ready.” She called us while giving her unique smile.

“Yes, mommy.” Richard and Emily ran to the dining room.